Vintage Snowmobile / Sno Pro Racing Aluminum Fuel Tank

Oval Track Racing
3 Gallon Capacity
Part No. SP-USA-003

15.5" Total Width X 7" High X 9" Deep
WEIGHT: 4.75 lbs as shown.
6061 Aluminum Billet Cap w/ Threaded Breather Hole
3/16" thick Aluminum Mount on front and back of tank.

TOP VIEW: Threaded Fuel Outlet is at the lowest point on
    Right Side to optimize fuel drawn from tank when oval racing.

$365.00 Includes Insured Shipping within the USA

Mounting Hardware includes two tunnel studs with rubber & metal washers.
Fuel Tank Studs mount center on the Tunnel and the fuel tank fits secured to the studs.
After two studs are intalled the tank can be removed fast by two 5/16" lock nuts.
Brass Threaded Fuel Fitting included.


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