~ RETURNS  to  TheUSA ~


Lisa raced this sled as a family team mate.

The sled was sold by her dad Roger to a guy named Fritz.
Fritz raced it once at Nordman in Idaho, then parked it.
Then it was sold to a MERC collector in Wenatchee, Washington.
Later to be sold to another Vintage Sled Collector in Bend Oregon.
In 2012 it was sold to Dwayne Grant in Canada.

One night Kelly Grant was working on this sled and discovered the
engravement Biddiscombe on the side of the tunnel.

He dialed his cell phone from the shop. . . .
"Dad, get down here!"
Dwayne replies to his son "It's 10PM!"
"Uh Dad. . . Get Down here!"

Excited that they had found one of Team Biddiscombe's Mercs
they began the process to make certain it returned home.

3X Western Champion
1980 3rd Place EAGLE RIVER Wisconsin
Snow Oval Racer from the 1970's and 80's.
Lisa had the natural skill, talent,
motive, training and guidance to win.

Roger managed snowmobile champs, Lisa, Jeff & Shelley Biddiscombe.
                 Lisa Biddiscombe was 3x Western Champion and placed 3rd / Womens II
at Eagle River World Championship in 1979 .
            Shelley Biddiscombe was the 1980 Waldheim Saskatchewan
World Series Champ in Mens E-Stock.
              Jeff Biddiscombe now racing Scorpion Formula Snowmobiles takes racing to the highest level.
                  1980, 3rd Place at Eagle River World Championship and in 1981  Jeff went back to
                   the Eagle River World Championship to become World Champion in FORMULA II.

Lisa Biddiscombe
November 14th, 2015~Winter Knights Show~Spokane, Washington
Smilin' !
21 Days Until her MERC Returns to the USA

Dwayne Grant, Roger Biddiscombe and Kelly Grant.
Mission Accomplished!
This Muscle Sled is now home with it's Race Family.

40 Years old, in good condition with it's original patina.

Roger points out where he engraved the chassis with their last name.

Mounting The MERC from yester-year for the first time in 3 Decades.

Roger Biddiscombe taking a seat on Lisa's sled again from Race History Yester-Year.

~Roger Biddiscombe~
Roger Captures the Spirit of Oval Racing on Lisa's 1976 MERCURY.

Roger had alot to say about this sled.




These are holes to make it easy to ID jets for the correct size.
Roger would drill into the clutch cover the exact diameter hole,
then adhere a graph for reference.

Roger sharing color copies SNOWMOBILE Magazine
November 1986
Page 36-41 ROUNDTABLE: Ladies Choice
Four Ladies Test 24 Snowmobiles
Kendra Schmidt
Linda Scribner-Luce
Lisa Biddiscombe
Joann Smith

Snowmobile Magazine, November 1986 ~ Lisa Biddiscombe: Page 39

A Great Day with my favorite Canadian Blend "The Grants" & my friend Roger.

When I shut the south door on the quonset that afternoon and walked across
the ol' MERC ROOM floor to shut off the lights, I could here Jerry's voice say,
"As far as I am concerned, The Vintage Sled Show is HERE!"
How right he was and still is.

The Northwest Museum of Vintage Snowmobiles location is STILL the hot spot
in the snow this side of Minnesota and Wisconsin with exception of West Yellowstone.
The foundation & history of Snowmobile Racing is alive and well through the
Vintage Sled Scene across North America.

We ended the day eating a wonderful dinner with Janice Kienbaum.
Alot of good stories were shared, solid laughter and our hearts illuminated
with the past, present and future of Vintage Snowmobling.



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