IT is no Secret here at SnoProUSA
that A.J.'s talent with Vintage Sleds has caught our
attention season after season.
When it comes to Polaris show sleds and specs,
A.J. Emrick lays down the LAW.
Having the opportunity to view and publish his methods
is a gift that SnoProUSA appreciates.

A.J's show sleds are always over the top with polished aluminum.
This summer when A.J. and I spoke he explained that he was going all out
on this 1978 RXL and was going to introduce alot of chrome into this project.

The chrome accents on this chassis really pop out.

1978 Polaris RXL Front Suspension Parts have never looked so good.

1978 Polaris RXL Rear Suspension

High End Show Quality combined with High End Performance
is a standard trademark illustrated by A.J. Emrick's craftsmanship.
A.J. described to SnoProUSA this summer that he maintains a very high
focus and steady momentum on a project like this and that his wife
Cathy contributes alot of effort and skill too.

The RXL Race Seat has always been unique and stood alone.

Track / Suspension Installation.

1978 Polaris RXL Engine ~ Polished inside and out.

This looks like it would be a real pleasure to work on.
Latex gloves should be worn when handling a jewel like this to 
prevent fingerprints.

RXL Engine fitted into the bulkhead for the first time.

Pipe Fitting Session

Hoses, Gauges, Fuel Cell now in place.
You don't ever see clutches that look like this under anyone elses hood.

Now the pipes go back on

Hood is completed and decals are added.

Fitting the Hood

This is what the Midnight Express had in front of them back in 1978 & 1979.
Wasn't this polished, but this is how it looked before the race season.
Each racer back in the day had their own style and configuration.
A.J.'s added personal flare is a Pure Polaris Tribute to Excellence.

Here you have one serious 1978 Polaris RXL 340
A.J.'s dedication to the man cave during the spring and summer of 2014.

Finished just in time to display in September at the show in Douglas, Minnesota.
Great work and a real pleasure to see the progress this year as it was happening.
Thank You A.J. for sharing your process with SnoProUSA for everyone to enjoy.


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