In 1969 and 1970 POLARIS had an array of sleds on the market.
The TX Series consisted of the TX Charger, TX Playmate and the TX Colt.
Engine options started at 150cc single cylinder, 292cc and other two cylinder
options and the large three cylinder 795cc.

The POLARIS Playmate advertisement slogan stated: "You're free as the wind on
a Playmate, the compact snowmobile with big ideas about performance."
Referenced as the "FUNMOBILE" for youngsters featuring a 12" all rubber
track and weighed in at 215lbs.  Single Cylinder Engine Options ranged
from 150cc Husquavarna or 164cc & 175cc Polaris engines.

The 1970 Polaris TX300 Playmate was the next step up.
The open hood with it's twin heads popped out and the offset red stripe
made this unit very sporty looking.  It had a super high headlight
placement and a large rear seat / tunnel mounted fuel tank.

This story is about a fine little Polaris TX300 restoration by three brothers.
Not just any three brothers, but the Jacobsen Brothers' from Missoula Montana.
Ken, Les & Steve Jacobsen A.K.A., "Montana Starfires" !

When it comes to Vintage Polaris Snowmobiles these brothers break
the trail on restoration in the Northwest and on a National level.

1970 Polaris TX300 Playmate - 2010 Photo before it's retoration.

The 1970 Polaris TX300 hood.
Les said he did the hood first, to get it out of the way and inspire the rest of the project.
He explained how the little tunnel on the playmate was tweeked and had wild factory welds.
"Smaller isn't always easier" was his comment.

Fiberglass in Progress

Fitting the hood to the belly pan and sizing up the engine hole.

The modified version of the TX hood looks better than factory fresh.

The old chrome skis

Fresh Paint, Bushings, Grommets, bolts, shocks & runners.

The tunnel restoration.

The Belly Pan begins the metal work restoration process.

Primer and block sanding making the tunnel better than it ever was.

Steering loop back on the tunnel, more primer and block sanding to make this unit straight.

Fresh Blue Paint !

Now that is a belly pan!  Notice how the welds around the spindal cups are flawless.

This tunnel is lost in it's own reflection of "show quality" perfection.

If it is not available fabricate it yourself !  The making of the shroud.
Now this unit is getting ready for some wrenching and careful assembly.

Jumping forward to total assembly, you can see that not a single hose, nut or bracket
was compromised on this sled.

The baby blue paint is overwhelming with gloss to the point of looking like Willy Wonka Candy.
Twin Pipes on that little headed vintage 2 Stroke Smoke Unit look exceptional.

The clutch and chain case looks better than when it was originally made in 1969-70.

Restored and assembled to perfection.

The little fuel tank is extremely cool looking next to the custom seat.

Driver Point of View on this Playmate makes you want to ride !

The custom fit of the hood is elegant and the results of refined craftsmanship.

Eye Popping for any Vintage Sled Enthusiast !
Without the headlight, this TX300 looks like a "factory" race sled.
Bernat or Eastman would really liked a sled like this back in the day.

Polaris TX 300 Playmate MOD CUSTOM !

Montana is "God's Country" especially in the Winter.

Pop those blue caps off the carbs and fire it up !

Right down to the warning and driver instruction decals, this sled is an incredible
combination of Polaris Factory details, restoration and modified innovation.

 LOOK at the paint !



Ken, Les &  Steve Jacobsen
Missoula, Montana

2008 was the first time I had ever seen The Jacobsen's 1973 Polaris TX Starfires.
Since then, their sled's have always been more than kind to the camera lense
and a highlight here at SnoProUSA.com for everyone to view.

Montana Starfires - 1973 Polaris TX Starfire race sleds featuring the
intimidating shark mouth and eyes.  The "Flying Tigers" of the Oval Track !

1971 Polaris TX 795 "2+1"
This photo was taken at the NWMOVS Racer's Reunion / Open House.

The 1970 Polaris TX300 [featured in this article] before the restoration at the
Northwest Museum of Vintage Snowmobiles' 2010 Open House.

WSVSA Western Round Up - West Yellowstone Montana
One of the Polaris RXL's that Steve Thorsen raced in 1978.

Seeley Lake, Montana in the local Polaris Dealership Showroom.
Restored and Owned by the Jacobsen Brothers

Ken Jacobsen, Levi LaVallee and Steve Jacobsen.
Levi LaVallee rides Polaris Sleds and is The World Record Holder on
flying them too.


This is what happens when a young Daredevil from MONTANA
combines POLARIS and RED BULL!

1972 Polaris TX Starfire - CUSTOM
~2011 VSCA National Championship Winner~

It is always a pleasure and inspiration to see their sleds at shows.
Alot of  joy & passion is expressed by this family of brothers
with their continued "Pursuit of Excellence" with Polaris Vintage Snowmobiles.


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