The Pharoah's - #76 Polaris Race Sleds
1976 Polaris TX 340 and TX 250
These two TX's run strong still with all of their original wear and tear.

1973 Polaris Colt 244

Notice the custom bent bumper.  You can do this too.  Line it up real good hit the back of an old
Arctic Cat Panther at about 5 mph.  If you use your breaks prior to impact
the bumper bends into place just right.

Polaris Colt 244 with a TX Track/Suspension, Seat and Tank.

1973 Polaris Colt 244.

Polaris Colt 244 1 Cylinder

1973 Polaris Colt SS 340 from Montana.

All original parts and original wear.

After 37 years the Original Owners sold this sled in 2009.  What a great original patina sled.
This snowmobile will look great after some clean up and TLC.

Remember...Oil is cheaper than Parts !


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