At 4:00 PM Mountain Time Friday the 11th most everyone was in the banquet room at the hotel.
When the WSVSA meet & greet was over, the sun had gone down and the town of 
West Yellowstone had a night life buzz.

 The buzz from sled's that is.... Old and New Snowmobiles
 going up and down the streets and folks on foot heading for a place to eat.

We were beyond excited to be in Yellowstone.

A courtesy van picked up a bunch of us and we headed to The Gusher for dinner.
The restaurants and streets were full of smiles this wonderful night ! 
Yellowstone was filling up with Vintage Snowmobile Enthusiasts

 and people arriving for the 21st Annual World Snowmobile Expo.

Joel & Robert Wheeler - SNO PRO USA - Father / Son
After Dinner with Vintage Polaris 500's in the streets of West Yellowstone Montana.

The Days Inn Hotel - West Yellowstone was the Headquarters for the Event.

Trailers full of sleds bringing all kinds of Snowmobiles old and new.

www.MotorFist.Com !

Park your sled right outside your room , just like the Old West.

The classic Vintage John Deere Snowmobile parked outside the hotel.

This Yamaha like a loyal dog waits outside until morning
to be taken to the Vintage Round UP !

Alot of snow in the streets with parking lots that are full of sleds, trucks and trailers.

"Easy Rider"
1974 Polaris TX500 Limited parked right next to the the hotel doorway until morning.

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