WSVSA 10th Annual Western Round-Up
MARCH 16th & 17th

Dave Brummer - 1st Place on the Ski Doo Nordic in West Yellowstone Montana

This year at the 10th Annual Vintage Snowmobile Event,
oval racing was added to the venue.  Leafer fan and free-air sleds
once again graced the Caldera in West Yellowstone like they
originally did in the 1960's and 1970's. 

35 Years later the WSVSA resurrects the competition that was last

seen in 1978.  Polaris, Arctic Cat, Ski-Doo & Yamaha have all
maintained the snowmobile industry since and have become known 
as "the big four" manufacturers.  This debut event of Vintage Snowmobile

Racing in West Yellowstone during the Snowmobile Expo
gave modern sled riders the opportunity to see how it was originally done.

For the Vintage Snowmobile Enthusiast, it was the golden opportunity
to get out and flex some vintage sled muscle at the most epic
race location in Snowmobile History out West.

The smell of 2-Stroke smoke, the drop of the green flag and they
were off seeking the checker flag just like the snowmen
that pioneered the sport & raced before us.

Sno-Jet taking the wide path, Ski Doo on the inside getting ready to make the move.

Competitive One Cylinder Racing - West Yellowstone Montana.
Dave Brummer life long trail rider, shows the serious racers the fastest path on the oval.
Getting ready to close the door on First Place, Dave goes inside in perfect form as
the crowd chants "GO BIG YELLOW ! GO BIG YELLOW!"

Great Day for Vintage Racing.  Congratulations DAVE !

Classic Vintage Arctic Cat Snowmobile and Cat Cutter takes a lap on the track.

Dave Brummer - Enjoying the Madison Loop Trail Ride in Yellowstone
with his Brother Gregg that drove all the way from Minnesota to ride the Caldera.

Gregg Brummer stops on his 1979 Polaris Centurion to view the Buffalo.
This 1979 looks like it has the 1980 Hood Vent upgrades.

1970 Arctic Cat PUMA - Modified - built by Perry Hesteness
This little Modified 1970 Puma put on a good show, but broke before the final heat.
[click photo above]

One Cylinder Modified Class


Vintage Snowmobile Twin Cylinder Free-Air Racing in West Yellowstone.
Rupp Nitro eating the spray of the TX !

Tony Cook putting some space between his Polaris and the Rupp Nitro.


Tony Cook going into corner at West Yellowstone.

Tony Cook now riding a Yamaha.

 Vintage Yamaha Sleds battle it out in West Yellowstone.
Is that Yama-hoo Dressed up like a Rupp ?

Chris Dileo - Bozeman, Montana
Vintage Polaris Indy sleds on display at the 10th Annual WSVSA Western Round-Up.

Chris Dileo's recent Indy restoration.
The sweetest Polaris Indy Sleds in the USA are restored by Chris.

100's of Vintage Sled Enthusiasts attended the WSVSA's 10th Annual Event. 
All day long folks walked around viewing the record breaking 
amount of sleds on display

Congratulations to Jim Smith for receiving the SLED OF THE YEAR Award.
1978 Polaris RXL 340 Super Stock


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