Jeff Biddiscombe Goes to St. Germain, Wisconsin for the 28th Annual Snowmobile Hall of Fame Ride With The Champs February 19th, 2011

Jeff Biddiscombe from Washington State
200+ Snowmobile Races from 1970 to 1984.

This February of 2011 Jeff and his father Roger Biddiscombe were invited to
St. Germain for the Ride with the Champs.

After a long flight and a drive during a serious Wisconsin Blizzard, they
were standing again on familiar ground with their mutual friends from the fast ice oval.

The Snowmobile Hall of Fame in Germain Wisconsin is
one of the greatest places to look at the Champion Snomen before us.
This is a building that harnesses the powerful sleds that "did it" during
the years it was actually happening.

The Museum, The Hall of Fame,
The Archive of Snowmobile Innovation and the People that created it!


T J Hasegawa
Yamaha from Hamamatsu, Japan the retired president and leader of the snowmobile division.

Phil Mickelson
Duluth, MN the retired racer, race director and service manager for Ski-Doo
and now an author and magazine technical contributor.

Diane Miller
New Lothrop MI, retired racer, champion and more recently promoter of the famous
A-1 Vintage Show and Swap held every year on her Michigan grounds.

Wayne Nicholsen
Greenville, NY racer, champion and innovator that dominated Stock and
Formula III racing in the 70s and 80s.

Jeff & Roger joined the 2011 inductees and 20 champs
in St. Germain to ride and enjoy the Hall of Fame.


Snowmobile Hall of Fame - St. Germain Wisconsin
[click on the photo above and go direct to the Snowmobile Hall of Fame Online]

The Wall of inductees of the Hall of Fame in Germain Wisconsin.

Brad Warning [Left] & Dave Karpit from FAST / BLADE Snowmobiles

Jerry Bunke - Polaris
Race Career 1969-1978
The fatal accident at the Beausejour Power Toboggan Championships
ended his life on February 26, 1978 at the age of 26.

A great display of sleds !
[NOTE: NWMOVS - Jerry Kienbaum's  1976 Arctic Cat Twin Track X-Treme to the right.]

Wayne Nicholsen one of 2011's inductees into the Hall of Fame with Jeff Biddiscombe.

Gil Villeneuve's Moto-Ski/Duane Eck's Double Eagle/The Bud Sno-King

The Northwoods Racing Shop - St. Germain Wisconsin
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Loren Anderson, The Hall of Fame -
This year at the banquet Loren announced his retirement.
Jeff Biddiscombe and Brad Warning to the right.

Vintage Snowmobiles lined up ready for the Ride with the Champs

The Germain Group at the White Tail Inn parking lot.
Jeff Biddiscombe in blue standing next to the Chaparral.

Jeff Biddiscombe and Olaf Aaen - Aaen Performance Parts
Olaf Aaen was a major sponsor for Jeff during his racing career.

Jeff Biddiscombe - Flying Independence RED WHITE AND BLUE!

Jeff Biddiscombe meeting fans and signing autographs.

White Tail Inn - Hall of Fame Induction Banquet.

Jeff and Roger also made a visit to Eagle River to visit the Decker Family.
Allen Decker's DERBY INN Motel, Eagle River Wisconsin.
Allen Decker, Brad Warning, Jeff Biddiscombe, Brad Hulings, Brent Miller.

Brent Miller incidently had a bunch of super wins at Eagle River this 2011.
1st Place - Sno Pro 340 X IFS 1982 & Older
1st Place - Sno Pro 440 X IFS 1982 & Older
1st Place - Sno Pro 440 IFS 1982 & Older
Brent Miller also had three 2nd Place finishes in the 1982 & Older Class.

Chuck Decker's Office / Eagle River Race Track
Chuck and Jeff

Special Thanks
Jeff and Roger for providing the photos of this trip back to their old racing grounds.

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